Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another couple of good weekends of sailing.  The first weekend I overnighted at the White Islands again.  This was the site of a previous anchoring saga, but I learned from previous experiences and my new mantus mega anchor held solid.  It looks like a huge oversize chunk of iron on my bow, but it has not moved an inch in the 6-7 times I've anchored with it.  See the pictures below.  I also like the fact that the mantus can be taken apart.  I'm thinking about buying a smaller one for a stern anchor that can be stored.

After the White islands I went south and east, then north to ultimately sail around the islands.

I also put up the spinnaker one day.  It was a light wind day, and I had some trouble with the setup.  The snuffer line was tangled the first time I hoisted it, but after a quick straightening everything worked out fine and I was able to make 3-4 knots in 6-8 knots of wind.  I think I would like one of the top down furlers.  It seems easier than the snuffer, but I think it would also take a pole or extension on the bow. With the big anchor up front, I'm worried about the tack gettign tangled in the hoop around the anchor.

The Chute is up, I think I could have pulled the snuffer up a little further.

The New York Yacht club was having a race / regatta thing in the area.  Lots of sailboats and lots of mega yachts.

From my anchorage in Pulpit harbor on the second night out one weekend.  I sailed around the islands and back to rock land.  Pulpit is nice because it is a short hop back to the dock on Sunday morning.

Lots of wild life and lots of lobster pots.  I did pick one up and had to cut it off with the hook knife.

At anchor in Home Harbor, it is a little south of Rockland.  

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