Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Home Harbor

I made it out two weekends ago and overnighted in Home Harbor.  It is a little place off the islands to the south of Rockland.  It is a rolly anchorage as it is only protected on 3 sides and some waves make there way in.  It is a pretty spot, with a few houses on the islands around.  I made a few loops to check out the anchorage when I came in to look for low spots or boulders.  It looked OK on the depth sounder, but when I woke up in the AM the low tide was showing a few rocks about 15 feet off my stern.  My new anchor held fine.  The fog came in and I could only see about 30 feet for most of the morning, so I waited until the fog lifter at about noon to head back to port.  It was a nice outing.


Rocks a little closer than I thought when I woke up...

I actually cooked dinner, spuds, eggs, hot sauce and beer..

This was about 11 AM, the fog came and went all morning...
The purple dropped pin is where I anchored.

The following weekend my parents came to Rockland.  It was lobster fest so we had some nice meals and sailed over to Northhaven.  It was  a great day and the wind was perfect to have the parents on the boat.  (Not too wild, but not too slow)

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